Book Release: Disability and Social Media – Global Perspectives

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Routlege (Taylor & Francis) has recently published a substantial book about Disability and Social Media, edited by Katie Ellis and Mike Kent (Curtin University), to which Tom Bieling, Tiago Martins and Gesche Joost have contributed the chapter “Interactive inclusive – Designing tools for activism and empowerment.*


Disability and Social Media – Global Perspectives
Edited by Katie Ellis & Mike Kent

Social media is popularly seen as an important media for people with disability in terms of communication, exchange and activism. These sites potentially increase both employment and leisure opportunities for one of the most traditionally isolated groups in society. However, the offline inaccessible environment has, to a certain degree, been replicated online and particularly in social networking sites. Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives yet the impact on people with disabilities has gone largely unscrutinised.

Similarly, while social media and disability are often both observed through a focus on the Western, developed and English-speaking world, different global perspectives are often overlooked. This collection explores the opportunities and challenges social media represents for the social inclusion of people with disabilities from a variety of different global perspectives and experiences.


* Bieling, Tom; Martins, Tiago; Joost, Gesche (2017): Interactive inclusive – Designing tools for activism and empowerment; in: Kent, M. & Ellis, K.: Disability and Social Media; Taylor & Francis, Routledge, London; ISBN 978-1-47245-845-2