Project Partners

The Mit-Mach-Handbuch is the result of the research project “Mit-Mach-Stadt Brandis” of the Design Research Lab (Berlin University of the Arts Berlin), in cooperation with the Municipality of Brandis and the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior (SMI), as part of the program “Innovation Community of Saxony”.

‘Mit-Mach-Handbuch – Get Involved – Handbook for Self-organization’ is a subproject of Mit-Mach-Stadt Brandis.

The purpose of the Mit-Mach-Handbuch is to provide access to tools and strategies for self-organization. It seeks to promote civil society engagement, especially where it faces major social and political challenges, in order to strengthen cohesion in a diverse society.

The manual integrates three main areas:
• ways for self-organization, with the
• associated viciv tools, instruments and platforms, and with
• best practice examples.