EIT ICT connected textiles workshop

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The EIT ICT activity »Connected Textiles« addressed the emerging field of interactive textile artifacts and structures. The goal of the activity was to create an overview of current research directions in the field, generate a reusable pattern collection from this overview, and create a small number of material exploratory interface prototypes as examples. We held a workshop in December with representatives from three partner universities to discuss the results. Important insights from this meeting were

  • the predominant lack of application areas where e-Textiles are most useful as interface material, relying more on textile properties such as softness,
  • the necessity to access e-Textile materials and components easier and be able to use them in a more standardized way,
  • the need to make the knowledge from each discipline in e-Textiles more comprehensive and accessible for the other disciplines involved.

The outcome of the activity is a collection of interface design patterns, derived from current e-Textile projects, that can be used in design education, development and research, and should be tested and extended in the future. The patterns should also help to close the gaps between experimental interface design, textile design and commercial product development.