What is electricity? What does it do for us and what are we prepared to do for it?
Energy harvesting technologies that convert our interactions with materials and surfaces into electrical energy are fast emerging. We can imagine that in the near future we would be able to engage with different surfaces in our environment to make, store and use a substantial amount of electricity.
How may this change our relationship to technology? Could fabrics, in our space and on our bodies, interact in new ways to make electricity? What everyday behaviors may emerge?

During this one week workshop, we will examine energy production from an everyday-life perspective by using the example of static electricity- an abundant but undesired form of electricity we often encounter in fabrics. Students will have the opportunity to try out some textile-setups for static-electricity harvesting and use it as a starting point for imagining, challenging and proposing new ways of engaging with electricity. Adopting methods from Speculative Design and Design Fiction, we will explore different strategies for envisioning, provoking and engaging others into our visions of plausible electrostatic futures.

Tutor: Ramyah Gowrishankar
Date: July 31st -August 4th
Language: English
Max. number of participants: 12
Registration: r.gowrishankar@udk-berlin.de