About the DRLab

The Design Research Lab is a platform for interdisciplinary research into new forms of human computer interaction, critical making, community based infrastructures and digital education. As a team, we investigate future perspectives for a digital society, its ramifications and policies for an inclusive and sustainable development. We believe in participatory design and invite different groups of people to join our research endeavors in order to reflect on their individual experiences, hopes and constraints. Furthermore, we work with interventions, cultural hacking and design explorations as research methods to address today’s challenges in a different way.


Interaction and Sensors


UHCI (Universal Home Control Interfaces)

Animate Mobiles

Blended Prototyping

WM2M: Navigation Hat

Living Structures

Knit Alarm



Intimate Mobiles

Reflective Haptics

Weight-Shifting Mobiles

Shape-Changing Mobiles