Call my attention!

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Project Description

“Call My Attention” is an application for immediate Line-of-Sight Signaling on Mobile Phones. The application, which proposes a mobile device function to be used like a remote control, enables ‘buzzing’ of nearby friends to achieve immediate attention.

It is especially helpful for deaf or hard-of-hearing users, but also generally in loud and crowded environments.

It results from the Project “DESIGNABILITIES – Disability-inspired Interaction”. Main goal of this project is to find ways for enhancing Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and Information-Communication-Technology (ICT) by transferring properties and principles from ‘disability’ context into general contexts of communication.

Therefore we investigate on alternative interaction techniques inspired e.g. by deaf communication or blind navigation.


Bieling, T., Westermann, T. & Joost, G. (2011). Call my attention! A mobile app for immediate line-of-sight communication. Scientific Poster at Google Developer Day.

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Further detailled function, shown in the video clip!

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