Concepts of Living Lab


Project Description


In June, our partners from the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design Jerusalem visited us in Berlin, where we had several workshops, a rich program and a Long Table Event. There where project presentations, discussions about the insights we gathered trough the ongoing cooperation, and workshops on concepts of Living Lab – with a great input from Denis Weil, Illinois Institute for Technology/Chicago.
At the Long Table, guests from different fields (ethnology, urban planning, sociology, architecture and development) came to the informal discussion and shared their insights about working on a community-based level.  We than discussed possible tendencies for the Living Lab approach, while the public viewing in the neighborhood acoustically informed us about the score.  Many thanks to our guests Jesko Fezer/HBK Hamburg,  Birgit Cleuvers/fibs, Kathleen Ziemann/betterplace lab, Matthias Held/HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Manuela Bojadzijev/IEE HU, Denis Weil/IIT Chicago,  Jens Adam/IEE HU, our partners Michal Eitan, Sarah Auslander and David Spectre and all student participants and helpers.

The aim of the events was to focus on a concept of Living Lab that we integrate in our research work. The events are part of our bilateral project “Community Now?”.