Einsteinzirkel “Bod-y-motion”

The Einstein-Circle “bod–y–motion: On the Role of Body and Emotions in Creative and Scientific Practices“ (2017–19) examines possible interactions and potentials of an interplay between artistic experiment and scientific research.

“bod-y-motion” focuses on body and emotion which – so the thesis – are both immanent in artistic and scientific practices as relevant and mutually dependent aspects – regardless of whether these are (un)consciously applied. Perspectives and access to the topic body and emotion in artistic and scientific practices are defined and questioned by the specifics of the positions gathered in the Circle.

The expertise positions and their approaches do not come from a single, but deliberately from different disciplines including among others dance, architecture, cultural studies, medicine, chemistry and informatics. Where are the intersections and interests, and where the differences between the researchers? What concrete environment and actual conditions do we need, so that artistic and scientific practices can interact and interblend in order to provide a gain of knowledge on both sides?

With the regular Circle meetings and content-related networking of artists and scientists, plus the integrated public expert talks and the comprehensive publication (soon to be published), the Circle permanently fosters the interacting works between the arts and sciences.

Members of the Circle:

Prof. Dr. Marie Luise Angerer (University of Potsdam)

Kerstin Berthold (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)

Dr. Tom Bieling (Design Research  Lab / Berlin University of the Arts)

Prof. Mathias Drieß (TU Berlin / Chemistry)

Donatella Fioretti (TU Berlin / Architekture)

Dr. Jenny Fuhr (BAS / Berlin University of the Arts)

Prof. Dr. Barbara Gronau (Berlin University of the Arts)

Prof. Nik Haffner (BAS and HZT / Berlin University of the Arts)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann Habakuk Israel (HTW – University of Applied Sciences)

Dr. Thomas Kammertoens (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

Prof. Kora Kimpel (Berlin University of the Arts / Hybrid Plattform)

Bernd Lintermann (ZKM Karlsruhe)

Prof. Dr. Oliver Rader (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)

Xavier le Roy (freelance artist / choreographer/ molecular biologist by training)

Ulrike Sowodniok (singer / Stimmanthropologin)


Further documentation of the Einsteinzirkel “bod-y-motion” plus insights into the thoughts, individual experiences and memories of the members of the Circle can be found here and here.