ID Wearables


Project Description

The ID Wearables combine topics like security, authentication and ID management with different contexts (e. g. work, health, entertainment, mobility, politics, finance, and home). The wearable concepts offer interfaces that can be adapted to different use cases in different fields. The Universal Key, for example, allows biometrical authentication with the help of a key hanger with an integrated fingerprint sensor. In that way, one could open doors, confirm requests or sign digitally. Another concept included Security Patches that can be attached to a garment. In an industrial context, the patches could express the expertise of employees and could work as an access system when approaching machines. The concept of the ID Cuff Link is based on the GoID (Your Finger is the Key) project and offers employees an access system to areas or machines with a fingerprint sensor integrated into a cuff link. It could be used for mobile authentication for secure calling or laptop access.

Project Partners

Bundesdruckerei GmbH