Mit-Mach-Stadt Brandis

About the project

The project addresses new forms of civic participation focussing on social and digital connectedness. The goal is to co-design an inclusive, digital society. 

During the process several questions emerged: How can we encourage participation, facilitate exchange and create more transparent processes between municipalities and citizens? Which opportunities do citizens have to increase the livability of their city in a self-organizing way? How can we create a just and fulfilled coexistence? Which structures can be strengthened by the municipality and which role plays the digitalization therein?

For more information please visit our project blog [in German].

Project Partners

A project within the “Innovative Municipality” award (Innovationskommune Sachsen).

Funded by the Municipality Brandis and the Ministry of Interior Saxony (Sächsisches Ministerium für Inneres, SMI)

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Herlo, B./Schubert, J./Sametinger, F. (2017). Mit-Mach-Stadt. Handbuch zur Selbstorganisation und Bürgerbeteiligung.

Schubert, J. & Herlo, B. (2017). CITIZENS, TECHNOLOGIES & POWER – A UNIQUE PARTICIPATORY DESIGN CHALLENGE. 7th Nordes Design Conference »Design & Power«.

Project Outcomes