SYMPOSIUM: Community Now? The Politics of Participatory Design


Project Description

The symposium focuses on of bottom-up movements in an international context, especially in relation to current social developments in Germany and Israel.

Recently, questions concerning collaboration, alternative forms of political action, self-organization
and participation – at local and global levels – have garnered much attention and are relevant for the academic environment, politics, the media, and for the general public. During the symposium we will explore how to foster processes of active participation and support sustainable community development, as well as the impact of these processes on policy making and our everyday life.

The program includes an opening evening with panel discussions and night-talks, followed by two days of keynote talks, presentations and workshops – accompanied by an exhibition around the Neighborhood Lab and a series of thematic walks.


A German-Israeli Design Research Project by:
DGTFUdK BerlinBezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem

Bianca Herlo