DDAI – Design-driven Artificial Intelligence

Project Description

Design Driven Artificial Intelligence (DDAI) continuously gains more significance in the development of human-centred applications. In recent years, the implementation of technology especially focussed on growth and technological progress, the inclusion of users and human-centred requirements faded into the background. With the help of DDAI we aim to advance the development of new technologies by utilizing machine learning as well as Human Sensitivity.

Hence, we develop applications and products that are meant to be integrated not just as technological supplements but as active elements for the functioning of the communities where the users participate. Given that DDAI includes social, cultural and ethical considerations from the very beginning, DDAI solves problems in their cause rather than their consequences. Through this project we aim to investigate the state of the art and suggest future directions for the further development of the concept.

Project duration: 11/12/2019-15/03/2020