Do-It-Yourself / Do-It-Together Masks 


Facing the global corona pandemic collectively means adapting, collaborating and sharing – and experimenting with new concepts, materials and production possibilities is an essential part of Do-It-Yourself and Do-it-Together culture. We all find ourselves questioning how we can best protect one another, as both individuals and the healthcare sector find themselves grappling with a massive shortage of protective equipment.      

As we are also experimenting with making our own masks out of what we have at hand – we would like to share an ongoing compilation of DIY/DIT resources that we have been collecting. Perhaps it might inspire the making of your own masks or the participation in taking action and being part of the movement of making them for others!


  1. Vacuum Cleaner Bag Mask: 10-minute mask with PDF instructions
  2. Coffee Filter Mask: YouTube tutorial for DIY mask-making using 4 coffee filters
  3. Kitchen-Towel Mask: YouTube tutorial from Consumer Council: University of Hong-Kong-Shenzen Hospital
  4. Paper-Mask: YouTube tutorial for how to make a foldable mask out of paper
  5. Collection of disposable masks: This page presents ideas, concepts and suggestions on how to make a face-mask for yourself and others from simple household items and without a sewing machine


  1. Washable Textile Mask + Filter: Sewing instructions (PDF) of reusable fabric face-masks with opening for filter-Serger directions 
  2. Essen-Mask: PDF instructions of face-mask from city Essen   
  3. Mask + Filter: Improved face-mask sewed with filter and nose-fit wire inside
  4. Protect-Others-Mask: Instagram instructions from a statement mask from cotton bag in about 5 min without sewing
  5. Scarf-Mask: YouTube tutorial for how to make a mask in one minute using a scarf and little towels
  6. T-shirt mask: YouTube tutorial for how to make a face-mask out of an old t-shirt
  7. Cotton-Cloth-Mask: 10 min mask from old cloth without sewing 
  8. Textile-Mask: Reusable textile mask-cut for men and women for download
  9. Fabric-Mask: Designers provide DIY mask-cut for download
  10. Folding assistance: Aids for mask building from cardboard


  1. Creality Buckle Design, 3D – printing (Dezeen Article)
  2. Nagami Design Face Shields, 3D printed (Dezeen Article)
  3. Face shields Open Source initiative (Dezeen Article)


  1. Mask On Collective: A community of professional product, fashion and textile designers from Berlin (Kunsthochschule Weißensee) .
  2. Maskeauf: Maskeauf initiative, supported by celebrities 
  3. Open Source Mask: Open source platform for 3D printed masks
  4. machBar-Potsdam: Fabrication Lab in Potsdam calls on other labs for support in producing 3D printed face shields
  5. Maskenfueralle: Masks for all refers to tailors to risk patients, their carers and small institutions (non-profit)
  6. Maker vs. Virus: Network for masks, signs etc. with distribution hub in Berlin
  7. 100.000 Masken für Deutschland: The crowd-helping action with mediation of face masks 


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This list was compiled by Katharina Bellinger
UdK Berlin / Weizenbaum Institute