Alexander Müller-Rakow


After completing his studies in Industrial and Interaction Design at University of Applied Science Magdeburg and University of Bergen (Norway), Alexander Müller-Rakow worked as a freelancer in the field of Interior, Transportation and Product Design. In 2009 he joined the Design Research Lab, where he works as research scientist and PhD Candidate.
He investigates the relation between bodily movements, interfaces and situational meaning. His project-grounded research is strongly influenced by his growing interest in experimental and embodied interfaces, new instruments for musical expression and sound reactive performance. In addition to research he likes working as lecturer, e.g. at Hochschule für Kunste Bremen, University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg and Berlin University of the Arts. When he grows up he would like to be a milliner or a cyborg.


Bredies, K., Bieling, T. & Müller-Rakow, A.  (2011). Design Promoviert. Ein Kolloquium zur Designforschung für Promovierende in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. In Öffnungszeiten. 25.

Müller, A., Fuchs, J. & Joost, G.  (2011). Skintimacy: Die elektrisierte Haut als Musikinterface. In Workshopband der Mensch & Computer.

Röpke, K. & Müller, A.  (2011). Greifbare Beats: Exploratives Design mit dem Haptic Drum Toolkit. In Workshopband der Mensch & Computer 2011.

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