Dr. phil. Florian Sametinger

Civic Design, Sustainable Design

Florian Sametinger is a senior design researcher, lecturer and project lead at the Design Research Lab of the Berlin University of the Arts. His research revolves mostly around participation and co-design, sustainable design and digital transformation. He recently completed his PhD titled “Sustainable Design by Default – towards an action repertoire for transformation”. He co-founded the research group Civic Infrastructures at the Design Research Lab as well as the Sustainable Design group of the DGTF. In his work, he has been involved in numerous BMBF and EU projects where he focused mainly on participatory methodology, approaches to co-creation as well as sustainability in practice.

Furthermore he has collaborated with Design Inquiry on various international projects including “Design Cities Berlin”. Before joining the Design Research Lab, he studied Interaction and Industrial Design at the Brunel University of West London, the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg and has also worked as an independent Interaction Designer focusing on interdisciplinary design projects with an emphasis on sustainability, social design and user experience.


Lahusen, M., Sametinger, F., Ritzmann, S.  (2018). Ordinary Intervention: Introducing Everyday Routines into Undergraduate Education. In In Unfrozen, Swiss Design Network SDN. Triest Verlag..

Sametinger, F., Lahusen, M., Joost, G. & Brischke L.-A.  (2015). All I need: provoking conflicts at the boundaries of the private and public sphere in the context of energy sufficiency.. In Proceedings of the 4th Participatory Innovation Conference, The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Herlo, B., Sametinger, F., Schubert, J. & Unteidig, A.  (2015). Participatory Design and the Hybrid City. The Living Lab Mehringplatz, Berlin, and the Project “Community Now? Conflicts, Interventions, New Publics”. In Proceedings of Hybrid City 2015: Data to the People.

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