Jaclyn Le


Jaclyn Le was born in 1984 in California where she studied Visual Communication at California State University Long Beach. During her studies, she worked as a graphic designer. Since 2008, she has been concentrating on Service Design for her Integrated Design Masters at the Köln International School of Design in Germany. While at the KISD, she was tutoring a Social Design related project led by Professor Birgit Mager titled Living Quality by Design.

She joined the Telekom Laboratories in Spring 2010 where she is supporting the project Networked Neighbourhoods as a research assistant.


Göllner, S., Le, J., Conradie, P., & Lindenberg, J.  (2010). Networked Neighbourhood, Exploring the Potential of Threshold Interfaces to Support Peer- to-peer Sharing in Urban Neighbourhoods. In F. Ceschin, C. Vezzoli, & J. Zhang (Eds.), Proceedings of the Conference on Challenges and Opportunities for Design Research, Education and Practice in the XXI Century .

Sametinger, F. & Göllner, S.  (2010). Networked Neighbourhoods – Designing services based on exploratory observations in Berlin quarters. In Service Design Network Conference 2010: Connecting The Dots.

Göllner, S., Lindenberg, J., Conradie, P., Le, J., & Sametinger, F.  (2010). The Enchanted Neighborhood : Using Metaphorical Devices for the Inclusion of Seniors in the Co-designing Process. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference for Universal Design.

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