Katharina Lorenz

PhD Candidates and Researchers
Material Interactions

Katharina studied Product Design focusing on Interaction Design at Weißensee Art College in Berlin. She joined the Design Research Lab in 2012 and was involved in several projects with a health context. She was developing and designing interfaces for people with dementia by integrating them in the design process. Currently, she is working in the innovation cluster „BeMobil“ to improve and develop the HCI in rehabilitation technologies. She is also enrolled in the project “Identity” in cooperation with Bundesdruckerei GmbH.



Minge, M., Lorenz, K., Zach, J., Trauzettel, F. & Gelgeç, Ö.  (2015). Partizipation in der Gestaltung motivationsfördernder therapeutischer Unterstützungssysteme: Ansätze, Methoden und Herausforderungen. In C. Wienrich, TO Zander & K. Gramann, Klaus (Eds.): Trends in Neuroergonomics. Tagungsband, 11. 229-233.

Lorenz, K., Zach, J. & Joost, G.  (2015). Beispiele aus der Praxis: Anwendung partizipativer Methoden im Gesundheitskontext. In Mensch und Computer 2015–Workshopband. In De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

Zach, J. Lorenz, K. & Joost, G.  (2014). Guidelines for Technology that Supports Physical Activity by Elderly. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference for Universal Design “Three Days of Creativity and Diversity”.

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