Malte Bergmann

PhD Candidates and Researchers
Civic Design

Malte studied sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2007 he is a academic urban researcher and scholar, he worked in consultancy and projects of community work. His main research interest is to understanding community formations in todays complex and divers urbanity and to co-develop possible bottom up development trajectories. At the moment he is working in the Interpart Project.


Bergmann, M., Herlo, B., Sametinger, F., Schubert, J. & Unteidig, A.  (2013). Community Infrastructuring – Designwerkzeuge zur partizipatorischen Stadtgestaltung.. In Proceedings of the Participatory Innovation Conference 2013. Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Schubert, J. & Bergmann, M.  (2016). Pinpoint Mehringplatz. Analog-digitale Werkzeuge für neue Diskussionsräume.. In fast fwd: too slow?, 08 / 08 – Tendenzen und Trajektorien.

Schubert, J., Bergmann, M., Herlo, B., Sametinger, F. & Unteidig, A.  (2014). Hybrid Letter Box. In Poster Submission, Cumulus Conference Aveiro.

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