Marie Rosa Beuthel

PhD Candidates and Researchers
Material Interactions

Marie completed her Bachelor in Intercultural Business Communication and Languages and her Master in IT Product Design at the University of Southern Denmark. She is specialised in the field of Interaction Design, User Research, and Analysis. In her thesis, she was focusing on tangible methods that are applicable in user research of smart home environments.

At the Design Research Lab, she was engaged in smart home projects, in which she was developing user interfaces and was focusing on the integration of social aspects into technology. Currently, she is working on identity management, security, and authentication topics.


Fischer, J., Trölenberg, S., Fritze, F., Tietke, M., Hille, J., Kraus, M., Zach, J., Beuthel, M., Wohlauf, A.  (2017). Wert- oder Sicherheitsdokument mit einem Sensor zum Erfassen einer Nutzerinteraktion und einer elektronischen Schaltung. In Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Universität der Künste.