Pauline Vierne

Material Interactions

“How can I make a living textile, that would breathe and emit light?”
After this naive question Pauline started to work with the parisian hackerspace collective “la BlackBoxe”. From her meeting there with Maurin Donneaud, interactive designer specialized in textile interaction, she decided to manage a meeting between her textile crafts and design education and electronics. Her main interest is the creation of material, based on traditional textile techniques, emphasis on sustainability and interactive applications with the electronic functionality. For her postgraduate diploma in 2013 she started her work in the e-textile field exploring an idea of being more conscious in our light consumption and emission.
How light can be included in fabrics, and moreover, How textile can be a light controller ? In such way, human and behaviors become the center of the experimentation, based on gestures, to take part in light emission and light use.
She is currently part of the UHCI project to explore the potentials of etextiles in a smart home context in order to make sense with their implementation in everyday life.