Riccardo Pascotto


Riccardo Pascotto was born in 1970 in Berlin, Germany, where he received his diploma in Technical Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences. Later, he joined TEKO Ingenieurbüro as an engineer for consultation and support in the field of telecommunications. Since 1998, he has been Project Manager in the department of European and International Projects at Deutsche Telekom Berkom/T-Nova Berkom.

Riccardo has over 10 years experience in the managing of EU framework research and development projects: FP4/TAP & ACTS: CHIN (Deputy Coordinator) and WISE; ACTS AMASE (Project Coordinator); FP5/ IST: Youngster (Project Coordinator). Recently, he was coordinating the IP Daidalos I/II project, which was designing a beyond 3G network and service architecture.

He is currently Senior Project Manager at Telekom Innovation Laboratories in the Finance and Support department, where he is responsible for a number of the project management and coordination activities in the areas of intelligent access/seamless communication. He also carries out these activities in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Framework and in the Design Research Lab (DRL).
At the Design Research Lab, he was responsible for the project management of the projects “G – gender inspired technology” and “StreetLab.”