Stefan Göllner


In my PhD thesis I investigate the changing role of technology design against the backdrop of an aging society. This requires a rethinking of existing concepts like inclusive design or universal design, and deeper investigations into the role of users as participants and actors in a design process. My initial interests is in how the design of technical artifacts enables and evokes new forms of social relations. I am therefore seeking for adequate theoretical approaches to support, and reflect on the practice of »doing design«.

During my time at DR-Lab I supported technology development for older users by user-centered design methods with a focus on interface- and interaction design in BMBF founded project »SmartSenior« (2009–2012). In project Networked-Neighbourhood (2010–2011) I developed and investigated new design approaches to support co-habitation and sustainable lifestyles in urban communities. In the project »T-Hub User Experience« (2012–2013) I was seeking for alternative approaches to design Smart Home interfaces while referring to the everyday routines and requirements of the different possible user groups in this field. Besides these, I conducted, organized and performed various workshops, short term projects, talks etc.

I joined Design Research Lab from Sept. 2009 to Sept. 2013. Before, I studied Communications-Design at University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (Dipl.Des-FH) and was a research associate at Academy of Media Arts Cologne in EU-Project Citizen-Media (2007-2009). Since Feb 2012 I am a PhD candidate at University for the Arts Berlin. Since October 2013 I am working for Grassroots Arts and Research in EU-Funded Research Projects.