Project Description

Upon reaching 100 years to the Bauhaus establishment, the BauNow project brings together 25 designers and researches from Israel and Germany in cross-countries workshops that will generate joint design exhibitions in both countries. During the course of this project designers will revisit Bauhaus ideas from contemporary points of view. Multidisciplinary research groups will consist of students (Bezalel Acadey Jerusalem and Anhalt University Dessau) from a variety of professional backgrounds such as architecture, product design, interactive, graphics and textile. Through creative dialogues in a multidisciplinary environment, designing objects and spaces by merging technological, aesthetic and social perspectives, the group will explore the relevance of Bauhaus values to contemporary challenges.

Bauhaus is a fascinating asset Israel and Germany share. The Baunow project aspires to make this asset into a new common language. By researching international Bauhaus ideas as well as the way they migrated and were absorbed locally in different environments we hope to raise a new design debate about the importance of the Bauhaus approach and its relevance to our societies today.


Project Partners