Motor rehabilitation enables the reintegration of people with physical handicaps in their families and professional environments. Because of innovative technologies and new treatment approaches there are several possibilities to support patients in relearning their independent mobility for self-determined living.

Multidisciplinary partners from different fields like universities, business´ and clinics are developing interactive aid-care systems, as well and arm- and gait-supporting systems, like intelligent prostheses, ortheses, rehabilitation robots and virtual-reality systems for patients with neurological diseases and injuries. The common goal of the the BMBF-funded innovation cluster „BeMobil“ is the optimization of human-computer interaction in rehabilitation context.

The Design Research Lab supports, in cooperation with the Department of Cognitive Psychology & Cognitive Ergonomics of the Technical University Berlin, different projects within this cluster. Through participatory design research methods, users are involved throughout the entire development and design process, in order to ensure the everyday practicality of the technical aids that are being developed.

Project Partners

Fraunhofer IPK
TU Berlin
HU Berlin
Rehabtech Research Lab
T&T medilogic
Otto Bock HealthCare
Code Mercenaries
Reha-Stim Medtec
Berner & Mattner
Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin